It’s been a while…

Business has been so great over the past year. We haven’t been able to get to the blog, but we promise to update you from now on. The biggest news we do have is that our decorator, Lynette, is getting married! May can’t get here fast enough so that we can celebrate a lifetime of […]

Who said Summer gets slow?

We have been blessed the last 2 years of our business and we are extremely grateful to all of you who are faithful customers. Every supplier normally closes on certain days during summer because its their “slow season”. Thankfully, we have been busier than ever as we are in our 3rd summer of business. As […]

A special birthday cake..

This weekend we celebrated a special birthday with a fabulously hilarious cake with a special story behind it. My partner Lynette was the center of all attention as we surprised her with a COW drinking Dr. Pepper (her fave). It definitely was a memory for the books! 🙂


We had a busy weekend.. Minnie Mouse, Superman, Batman, Zebra print, & plenty of cupcakes & treats!  We were so glad to sweeten up all of your events & are grateful to have wonderful customers like you.. We hope all you mommies had a beautiful Mother’s Day!